"Leonard is one of the few therapists I know who teaches love and and practices love as a teacher, therapist, and person. He has great credibility because of this. He has developed a way of working that is deep and efficient. He has an impact that changes your way of dealing with your problems and your life." - Niels Hoffmeyer, Ph.D., Cofounder of the Nordsjaellands Gestalt Institute, Copehagen, Denmark


"Leonard is a man of great courage: he put the most mind-challenging truths about life, love and relationships out here ... for all of us to grasp and live them, so truly changing our individual and collective life energies." - Doris Bungardt, President Riethenberghaus Humanistic Psychology, Germany


"Leonard bridges the gap between Eastern paradoxical wisdom and day-to-day living like no one I have ever read, heard or met!" - Joseph Goodman, Ph.D., Toronto